Iowa Cosmetology Continuing Education Course FAQs

Who is required to take this course?

Anyone with a license in cosmetology, electrology, esthetics, nail technology, and manicuring in the state of Iowa must renew their license every two years. After the first renewal (when no continuing education is required), a cosmetologist must complete 6 hours of continuing education credit before they can renew their license; 4 hours must relate to the discipline of the student, and 2 hours must relate to Iowa cosmetology law and administrative rules or sanitation. Those 2 hours may be taken as independent study as long as that credit is related to Iowa cosmetology law and administrative rules or sanitation. This course meets those requirements for any of the licenses listed above.

Does this course meet Iowa state guidelines?

Yes. The Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences does not pre-approve courses, but instead sets up requirements that must be met by anyone offering the course. This course meets those guidelines and can be safely taken to meet your continuing education requirement.

How long is the course?

This course covers materials that take about two hours to go through. However, there is no time requirement so you may proceed as quickly as you want. You may also log on and off the course as much as you want and the program will save your progress, starting you back where you left off when you log back on.

What topics are covered?

This course has two major topics, each given approximately one hour worth of material (though you can go at your own pace). Those topics are Understanding Communicable Diseases and Sanitation & Safety.

Is there a test?

Yes. As required by the state board, our course has a final exam. This exam has 25 questions and you must get at least 75% correct to successfully pass the course. However, we give you unlimited attempts to pass, and you can review the material during the test, so there's no need to stress.

What happens once I finish the course?

Once you complete the course, you will be able to immediately download a certificate showing your achievement. This will be necessary if the Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences audits your license.

What do I do to renew my license?

You will need to apply for your license renewal with the Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences.