How to Get a Cosmetology License in Texas

In order to obtain a cosmetology license in the state of Texas, you must first attend and successfully complete Cosmetology School in Texas. When you graduate, you will receive a cosmetology student permit number. Visit the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website to apply for your license.

The exam consists of two parts: written and practical. Cosmetology students must first pass the written exam, at which point they can apply and pay for the Texas Cosmetology License before taking the practical exam.

The practical exam is given at a PSI testing center. Once this is passed, they will receive a temporary license and can begin working the same day. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation will send the 2-year license in the mail; meanwhile the temporary license is good for 21 days.

If you already hold a cosmetology license in another state or from another country, you may be granted reciprocity in the state of Texas. To apply for a reciprocity license you must:

  1. Submit the appropriate application found on the Texas TDLR Cosmetology Online Licensing Services website.
  2. Supply a certified transcript from the state or country where you currently hold a license.
  3. Provide documentation that the state where you hold a license has standards comparable to the state of Texas, or documents that are certified by a credentialing agency from another country that proves the license has standards comparable to the state of Texas.
  4. Obtain the current Texas law and rules book.
  5. Supply your valid license or certificate.
  6. Pay a reciprocity fee, license application fee, and law and rules book fee.

If you are unable to provide documentation that your license meets the standards of the state of Texas, you will need to pass the Texas state written and practical exams for the license.